Michael Markman

VR meeting and collaboration tool for enterprises.

Senior Designer



Modular sticky surfaces that enable users to pin & organize 2D items

I was responsible for the UX, visual, haptic, and sound design (headphones on :)

The pinboard hover effect: a soft mask that appears when a pinnable item is held near enough to the board, indicating that it will pin upon release. The mask also resizes based on the item’s proximity.

Original mockup, made in Maquette

Hover effect visual design, made in C4D. The orange portion represents the masking element that would later reveal the dots on the board.

Visual design of the impact effect, made in C4D

Fun thing to note: is how we approached the transparency of the board; it’s done via stippling (dithering). This shader allowed us to have performant transparency on mobile.

Audio Zones

Audio zones, a way to have multiple conversations in the same meeting room

Basically, a placeable breakout space inside which users can only hear one another. I was responsible for the UX, visual, and sound design.


the business team actually did a fantastic job describing this one :)

"Designated “zones” that can be pulled up and placed in a room, effectively muting the conversation that takes place inside the audio zone to anyone outside of it.

People in the audio zone also can’t hear what happens outside of the audio zone, unless someone on the outside uses the speaker phone function.

Audio zones let people quickly jump into private conversations without putting “physical distance” between themselves and others, going beyond what’s possible in other collaboration technologies or even real life."

- Launch announcement May 2021

v1 design, deemed too sci-fi + the vertical movements of the rings caused nausea in VR

v2, something that more resembled high-end furniture. Wood base, with a colorful pattern as accents.

Teleport Reticle

Designed & prototyped in Unity.

New teleport reticle concept

Teleportation reticle implementation (no rotation)

Teleportation reticle implementation (with rotation indication)

Something to note is that the cone above the reticle resizes based on proximity so that the user can accurately teleport at longer distances.

Onboarding Tutorial

a self guided onboarding tutorial for VR novices

I designed a self-guided interactive tutorial system. It’s built modularly, to allow these tutorials to be constructed for various features through the Unity inspector (without changing or adding code).

I created the card design in Figma, and the motion graphics using C4D & AE.

UX Concepts

Visual & UX explorations for core interactions such as the main menu & item selection

Universal Feedback Orb (U.F.O.), motion exploration – visual feedback for user actions, such as grabbing & selection

Item creation menu redesign

Some design artefacts

Privacy bubble, only the users inside can hear each other